Getting Together on Christmas Eve


It was an unplanned event for me and Ralph because we didn’t initially want to stay longer downstairs. We just wanted to give our gifts to the kids and go back up and resume our TV Programs but I guess the Christmas spirit took its course and glued both of our feet down so as not to be a party pooper.

Papa had even gone to his bed to sleep but I had accidentally spilled his glass of orange juice which was sitting on his bedside table and it splattered on his leg. It got sticky so he had no choice but to stand up and have it wiped off. Well he didn’t go back to bed after that. He stayed with us and even danced a little bit of his Boogie and Chaha.

1. Papa was enjoying so much

Look at that laugh! It’s not everyday that we see my father laughed this way especially since after he suffered a stroke.

2. Gift Giving

Ralph gave gifts to all the kids and even invited our then helper’s boyfriend and daughter.

3. Family Time

A perfect season for bonding.

4. Rey’s Family

5. With my Brothers

6. Jun-Jun’s Kid’s

7. I will always be my papa’s girl