Short Prayer for baby Nicolo


As of today July 6th, Janice posted an update that Baby Nicolo’s breathing has stabilized. He is still in the ICU but he’s improving. She sends her gratitude to everyone who prayed for them.

One of my best friends, Janice Yulo Lopez, is currently confined in Riverside Medical Center. She delivered her third baby at only 35 weeks. Baby Nicolo, the baby’s name, is currently in ICU due to respiratory distress. Please join me in a short prayer for them:

Lord,  Bring healing to Baby Nicolo, my friend’s newborn child who is not well.
Stay by his side and comfort him through this trying time.
Keep them ever mindful of Your loving presence,
Bless Janice and baby Nicolo with Your powerful healing and comfort them as well.
Thank You for hearing my prayer!


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