Janice, Joyce and Kristine! Gorgeous as ever!


I just finished my 6 hours and thirty-minutes of work at Odesk and was able to find time to browse my social network at Facebook.I have not really been actively posting stuffs at Facebook because there isn’t much to shout out about. I have just been Instagramming because my husband recently bought me a really nice Samsung Galaxy tablet and I wanted to test the application which Kim Kardashian has made so very popular. The only big difference is, I’m no Kim Kardashian and my body is definitely not the least bit close to her hour-glass shaped figure.

Upon checking, I found one media posted by my closest friend, Janice Lopez. It was a picture of her along with my other two best friends, Kristine Kho and Joyce Escarlan. Among my high school friends, it’s only Janice that I have a constant communication with. She’s the godmother of my son Ken, and Ralph is the godfather of her son Gabriel. The last time I’ve seen Joyce in person was in fiesta of 2010! Kristine, on the other hand, we’ve last seen each other during Christine Mombay Urbanuzo’s church wedding and that was in the year 2007!

To those who may not know, these gorgeous gals have been my best and closest friends since birth! We all went to the same school until we got separated in college. Janice married our high school classmate Ramiro Lopez. Kristine married a guy named Brendan; I think I’m the only one who’s not close to him. I don’t hang out with them often because they’re more the city-goers while I’m always contented in my solitary confinement. Joyce is with her long-time partner, whom I haven’t even met yet. All I know of him is that his last name is Colmenares.

I can’t really see all of us getting together again. Ralph has no problem with Janice and Ramiro because he knows them very well and they’re now back living in Hinigaran. The other two are still in the city and I don’t know if they’ll be able to put up with my husband’s New Yorker attitude. Ralph is a very blunt person and if you’re the sensitive type, he will eat you for breakfast (lol).

I just wish these girls the best of health and real happiness!


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