I’m just a girl from Hinigaran who loves Mila’s Restaurant!


I have been an avid reader of Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley Unicorn, High and University when I was growing up. I have come to love the town of Sweet Valley though I’m well aware that it’s merely a fiction and it does not exist anywhere in Southern California. Now that I have reached maturity, I still remember Sweet Valley very well because I come from a town which is about as interesting and so alive as the sceneries and activities that I’ve come to know from the book: The municipality of Hinigaran!

Whenever I go to Bacolod city which is the capital city of the province of Negros Occidental, I would have to pass by several towns before getting there. Maybe I’m biased but I feel like the towns after Hinigaran going to Bacolod are so quiet. No offense to the other towns but I can say that Hinigaran is just the place to be.

We’re actually famous for our Oyster (Talaba). I remember someone I used to work with in Provincial hospital, she said that there’s something distinct about the Oysters here. Moreover, Hinigaran is known for our famous Mila’s Restaurant that offers exquisite fine dining. Have you ever tasted their Royal Bibingka? If not, you are certainly missing the great portion of your life! Ralph and I held our small but lovely wedding reception there with only our family present. The foods are splendid and the people are so welcoming that you’d feel at ease right away. So if you ever travel to and from Bacolod, don’t even miss the chance to dine in Mila’s Restaurant. It’s simply the best!


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