I don't even know how to begin this blog post. I am still in awe at the incompetence of PhilPost Manila. I bought the Yi 4k+ action camera from its official Yi store at Aliexpress. The camera is not yet available in the Philippines which is why I braved purchasing it online because I soooo wanted to have it...

I Just Don’t Understand the Women’s Obsession with Branded Little Purse

Less than a week from now, all the kids are going back to school! Ken has been spending most of his time in our room lately just sleeping in our bed or just playing...

When You Accidentally Clicked The Like Button on Facebook

There is nothing more dreadful than 'liking' something you've never intended to like (not in a million years) especially from a post made by someone you certainly don't want to have anything to do...

It’s Time for Ken to Redeem Himself Next School Year

Wow! This blog post is the very first post I have for the year 2017, and the last one I made was actually back in January of 2016! I guess my vlogging has certainly...

Vlogging Hiatus

I must apologize for not having uploaded a new vlog in our YouTube channel for quite some time now. Trust me, I LOVE to vlog and I mostly love to edit videos, and I'm...

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