I Just Don’t Understand the Women’s Obsession with Branded Little Purse


Less than a week from now, all the kids are going back to school! Ken has been spending most of his time in our room lately just sleeping in our bed or just playing with his phone. Maybe he would rather spend it with us than playing in his computer — I really can’t tell. Sometimes he just hides in our room because all of his cousins are up playing in his room and he gets annoyed at how noisy they get.

A couple of nights ago, we attended an event to which we are sponsors. Ralph and I took Ken, Dylan and Adi with us. It was the Summer Rockfest Battle of the Bands competition organized by Stick 2 Juan and Dig Out establishments. Stick 2 Juan is owned and managed by Gian Guanco and Dig Out by Enri Jorge Gidaya. The rain almost ruined the event as other groups didn’t make it to the competition. It also delayed the program for almost three hours and a half! I was beginning to think we were the only people who decided to show up. Luckily, as the rain died down, people started filling the covered court and as the clock hit 9:30pm, the music swallowed the whole arena.

Adi, my niece, had her eyes set on some boy in one of the groups Jockitch. Lucky for her, Ralph was too drunk to have the guts to drag the guy out of the dressing room just so she can have a selfie photo with him!


By the power of social media, it didn’t take long for Adi to track him down. It turned out the guy is Ken Edward Saguansuk, an STI student. Adi’s hopes of any chances were cut short upon learning that he’s currently in a long-term relationship with someone who also happens to be cute! I guess that kind of jolted her back in reality. But the Battle of the Bands competition was surely a fun night for everyone! We had a blast! Many thanks to Gian Guanco and Enri Jorge Gidaya for making us a part of the event.

Adrielle Navarro, Ralph Edward Ritoch and Ken Edward Saguansuk

Anyway, I was just in my computer today when a friend of mine has asked me to forward to another friend the photos and price list of Luis Vuitton bags she’s selling. She was also selling the one she owns because she has never once used it. When the photos were sent to my messenger, I gasped at how expensive the items were! So women really spend this much just for a little purse? I was actually amazed that my friend’s husband spoils her that much! But it just seems too impractical for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the women who buy these expensive stuffs. I’m just saying I don’t understand why. Because the price tag can, in fact, buy you a second-hand car here in the Philippines.

I don’t know about them, but I can just carry a nice-looking plastic bag as long as it can hold all of my stuffs! I seriously do not care about the brand at all! Now if I were to be allowed to spend that much of cash for something (assuming I already have enough for my son’s college tuition), it will definitely be spent on really good quality cameras, drones, action cameras etc. where you can really capture something out of! But then again, I’m sure some women would say the same thing in reverse like “wow, I can’t believe she would spend that much just on cameras! If I were to have that cash, I would definitely buy an LV bag!

But then again, each woman has different tastes in life and we have to respect it!