Wow! This blog post is the very first post I have for the year 2017, and the last one I made was actually back in January of 2016! I guess my vlogging has certainly taken over the whole concept of blogging. But not today. I’m actually not busy and I have all the time to get my vlogging camera and vlog but it seems like my body is not up to it. I won’t call it laziness because my hands are happily typing these characters on my keyboard, so I guess it’s just a sheer lack of motivation to actually make a vlog.

So it is the month of May which, for us mothers, just mostly means enrollment time for our kids! Yeah, tomorrow is actually the starting date of my son’s Grade 8 enrollment at Hinigaran National High School (HNHS). Thankfully, he was officially confirmed to have passed the Grade 7 SpecSci and is eligible to move on to the next level of the program.

Looking back at how he fared with the previous school year’s curriculum, I can say that he wasn’t really giving his best to it and I am just hoping that this new school year would at least give him the motivation to redeem himself and start all over again. I don’t put the blame entirely on him though; we, as parents, have been too lenient on him and have been too generous when it came to gadgets that his time was mostly focused on those over his studies. Oh well, lesson learned!