Vlogging Hiatus


I must apologize for not having uploaded a new vlog in our YouTube channel for quite some time now. Trust me, I LOVE to vlog and I mostly love to edit videos, and I’m willing to do that whole day everyday ONLY if my schedule¬†would allow.

I have come to realize how complicated it is to juggle vlogging with my real day-job. Unlike Judy Travis, I don’t have million subscribers and I don’t earn just by vlogging alone, so I have to really sacrifice YouTube just so I can get enough hours on Upwork.

Recently however, I’ve been too stressed out over work. I sometimes find myself just staring at my computer screen and asking myself “Gosh, is this what I’m gonna be doing for the rest of my life?” Don’t get me wrong. Working from home is the best, but sometimes I feel like I’m working too much and I don’t even have anything to show for it. Moreover, I feel like I no longer have this special bond with my husband because this is my usual routine: I woke up, I go straight to my computer and work while my husband is still sleeping. Then he wakes up and he’ll also go straight to his computer and start working as well. Seems like we’re becoming more and more of “office mates” than husband and wife. Oh well.

Anyway, I’ll try to get off the computer for now and spend time with my parrots. I’ll try my best to vlog soon. Hopefully something interesting happens that would be worth vlogging about.