To those of you who know me and my husband, you are well aware that we share a single Facebook account; an idea that was mainly his to begin with. I am writing this blog entry in response to a somewhat offensive post made by someone my husband is friends with on Facebook. The entry was posted last July 24th, and the reason I didn’t see it right away was because It was of somebody whose posts I chose to unfollow given that most of his Facebook statuses can sometimes be too harsh for some women. Maybe it’s a New Yorker thing.

But his recent post is unacceptable. I am attaching a screen capture of the post I’m referring to. I didn’t see the need to blur out the names of the people involved since they obviously don’t care whether or not the post hits a bit close to home for others, be it friends of theirs or not.


When 'Facebook Official' Isn't Enough
Mashable: “When ‘Facebook Official’ Isn’t Enough”

It is one thing to voice out your opinion on the subject matter; but to attach a meme that calls someone a “pussy” is way below the belt for me. I personally take offense if someone refers to my husband as a pussy. Seriously, who the hell do you think you are? I know this person does not directly refer to my husband; he’s just throwing shades at the majority of husbands who share the same account with their wives.

There are already existing articles about this back in 2013 which garnered comments that mostly ridiculed and made a mockery of the whole idea, so it’s pretty obvious what half of the population thought about this. Reviving it just to make you feel good about yourself is just so narcissistic.

Yes we share a Facebook account, but you know what? We are heading into our 6 years of marriage! And you call us insecure, hysterical because we don’t have our own identity? One even commented that she had to “defriend” a particular account just because it was a shared or couple’s account. Why? Was it too much for your sanity? Come on! You people are so shallow. What’s wrong with it really? Do you have some private conversations with other women you want to hide from your spouse/girlfriend? You must be cheating then! I guess one good thing about the sharing thing is, it prevents one from doing anything that might harm the relationship.

Let’s put it this way, If you see a very weak floor, you know that there is a chance of falling through to the ground when you jump on it, especially if you are heavy. Having said that, won’t you at least try to move back, or avoid it so as not to get injured? People who value something, in our case, our marriage, will always find a way to save it. And if this is our way of making sure there is  “forever” in our future, then so be it. What, you’ll post something about it being corny? Go ahead.

Ralph has nothing to do with my blog. He didn’t take offense upon reading about his friend’s post yesterday although he did have this “hurt” facial expression after seeing the meme that was attached to it. And it hurt me that he had to just put up with it. I don’t like it that someone is bullying these men who chose to be this transparent by sharing all their secrets with their spouse. Isn’t marriage supposed to be a union? So if men decide to unite their social media as well, why does this bother you? Ralph knows all my passwords and I know his. If something bothers me, I ask him and vice versa. Are you that comfortable in your own relationship? Oh…. let me guess. You’re not! You probably have some commitment issues. Tsk tsk tsk.

We are happy. So leave us alone. Go get a life.