Would You Like Your Own Little Angels?


Today has been filled with surprises. Good surprises.

Whenever I take a short break from work, I would always see two among three of my cats sprawled on the floor causing traffic on my way to the bathroom.

Traffic jam on my way to the bathroom

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For some reason today, there were still two but not the same cats. The usual partner in crime is Angel and Dirty. Today, I only saw Dirty and Cathy. Normally, this does not bother me coz they tend to go out of the house but know their way back.

Today however, instead of clocking back in, I spent my time wandering around calling out Angel’s name. Angel is the pregnant one and she’s the pure white cat with green bell on her neck. We took her in at the time I never even wanted a cat. It just so happened that her mother deserted her and she’s all white and she looked like a little angel. Needless to say, we named her after that — Angel. She was my very first cat.

Ok, so after walking back and forth and yelling “Angel!”, we heard a faint “meow” sound that came inside Ken’s room. Ralph found Angel inside Ken’s closet. She wasn’t alone though. She had small little angels with her! Oh we were so ecstatic to see her babies. I felt like she’s been carrying them long enough.

Believe it or not, these cats have, as a matter of fact, brought a new kind of joy into our home. We started out with Angel, then we took Mosy (one with two dots on her back), then we got Cathy, there’s another one but I forgot her name, and the last was Dirty. We later lost Mosy and the other one ran off with a male cat as she grew older.

Please watch a video of all of them while they were still complete. The biggest one is Angel who is now a mother of six (4 pure white and 2 Calico kittens), one of which has already been reserved to my good friend, Maricel.

Besides these cats, we also have two red-eared slider turtles, 11 guinea pigs, 11 parrots, and three love-birds. We have a big family of pets. And as a pet owner, I believe these cats should have a home. Please give them a chance to be a part of your family too and I assure you that God will bless you more. So if you would like to adopt even only one of the kittens, please message me here, comment to this blog or message me on Facebook. I will forever thank you for it.

Let me share with you Angel’s photos when she was still a kitten and the other kittens that we also adopted later after their mother deserted them once more.

1. Angel when we first got her:

2. Angel when we first got her:

3. Angel when we first got her:

4. Our other kittens after Angel

5. Our other kittens after Angel

6. Our other kittens after Angel