When Life Ends in the Road


At least four people died after two Ceres buses figured in an accident in Barangay Santo Niño, town of  E.B. Magalona around 7 am this morning. This news was posted all over Facebook and photos along with it showed how devastating it was. I pray for the souls of those who died, most especially to the ones they left behind.

I don’t plan to go to Bacolod anytime soon. We don’t own a car and we usually take the bus to get to the city. I must admit that there had been times when I thought we wouldn’t make it because of how careless some of these Ceres drivers are!

There was this one time when even Ralph, too, was getting worried about the speed the bus we were on was taking. I even told him jokingly that if we didn’t make it, that he should know I love him. And when I offered him his Ventolin inhaler because I thought he was having asthma attack, he had made this comment about his asthma being the least of his concern at the time and that he was more likely to die from the bus ride than having asthma attack. I even jotted down the bus number and thought of reporting it but I guess all the worries faded away as soon as we got off the bus.

Accidents like this just goes to show that we don’t really know what lies ahead of us. I’m sure those who died today already had plans for the rest of the day. My heart is heavy; there are family members who lost their loved-ones tragically today and I can only imagine how painful it must be.

To those who are reading right now, please join me in a short prayer:

Heavenly father – Send flights of angels to the families as their pain is so great…
May the soul of the people who lost their lives today rest peacefully in your arms.
And may the family, friends and the whole community find healing in your Love…
In Jesus name I ask this… Amen