My Dream Househelp


Korina Sanchez Roxas was raised by a devoted house help who sacrificed a lot to serve her and her family wholeheartedly. Pepita, the name of the house help, served them for four decades and even remained single. In her interview, Ms. Korina said that they can never repay Pepita for the loyalty and devotion she has bestowed in her family.

Now, why can’t I have someone like this? While I was in my primary years, I remember having two house helps: one (her name was Bebing) was stationed at the grocery store that my mom owned (it was Jula’s Store) and one was for our home. Nancy Buyco, a charming girl from Isabela, became a part of our family when she remained with us for over 5 years. She was with us through thick and thin. When my mom had cancer, my father was always at the hospital and I was left alone at home; I remember not having a prom dress to wear because we needed all the money we can get for my mom’s hospital expenses, but Nancy lent me something to wear. I was hesitant at first to go because I was embarrassed about the whole dress issue. All my friends were talking about where they got theirs and how long they have been preparing for it while there I was …… I mean come on, It’s not everyday that a house help lends her employer’s daughter something to wear!

Anyway, so I did go hoping against hope that I would survive the night. But something really good came out of it. I was chosen as Miss Junior of the night while my bestfriend, Janice Yulo (now Lopez) was picked as the prom queen. That was something I did not expect seriously! I just wanted to make an appearance so my teacher wouldn’t bite my head off for being absent. But God really plays quite a mischievous game sometimes 🙂 Anyway, I returned the dress to Nancy and remember filling her in on how I turned out to have enjoyed the night I was dreading. I believe she was proud of me then.

It’s been decades since I last saw or heard from Nancy. I really want to track her and have her come work for me again but she has a family of her own to take care of. I just want a likeness of Nancy, one who works for you with a heart and not just for the money she’s getting from it. She is my dream house-help, just like aling Pepita of Ms. Korina Sanchez.

I know there’s someone out there…. I just hope she find us or we find her.