Wide Awake


I know what stress can do to a person because I have been stressed out most of my life, but I had no idea that it was the stress that’s been causing me to be up for some nights now . All I did from midnight till around four in the morning today was wait for email notifications from Ralph’s phone. Odesk-related emails usually come around those times and I wanted to make sure that someone actually gets back to complete the interview process of some clients who have initiated the invitation to interview with Ralph.

Saying a little prayer each time a notification comes through, I can’t help but feel disappointed whenever it wasn’t job related. Instead, there were a bunch of twitter notification of tweets were Ralph was mentioned. The night before, he had some altercation with someone from an IRC channel (Rails, I think) and he posted an entry about it. The post kind of caught some developers’ attention and some of them started tweeting about it.

I was just staring at my husband who was sleeping peacefully while I was wide awake the entire time. He was looking very handsome especially that he just had his hair cut. I remember telling my husband that I pondered at the thought that maybe it’s the lack of a CSI episode for one night that was causing me to be less drowsy! I’m usually the first to doze off after watching more than two episodes of CSI re-runs.

Why so stressed you may ask. Well, don’t get me wrong. It’s not just because I’m currently the only one working, but it’s the sorrow that I see reflecting on my husband’s face when he’s in his computer desk and got nothing productive to do.

But God is really good! At around four in the morning when I was already feeling sleepy, there was an email from someone I really wanted to hear from and he assured that he will touch base with Ralph as soon as he has documented his client’s workflow. I know it was not good news, but I appreciated the fact that he was professional enough to explain his silence for about a day or two.

My friend, Janice, had a Tubal ligation yesterday. I checked in on her today through text. However, she’s not feeling well because she hasn’t eaten yet after the operation. She’s been throwing up and hasn’t had flatulence which is important post-surgery. I hope and pray that she’s going to be ok soon.

Well it is now 10:20 PM and I’m about to go to bed. I hope I can finally have that sleep that I’ve been missing. I also hope that we hear from someone who’s going to invite Ralph for an interview. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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