A Dream about Pope and a Macaw


I was happy to have completed 37 hours of work for Odesk yesterday. That was definitely way better than the week before which is barely above 20 hours. Fortunately for me, there were a couple of sales pages and one-time-offer pages that my boss needed me to finish for the week, and that’s how I usually get my week done in no time. I wish every week is like that.

I am a little distracted while writing this. I just had a word with my househelp who I reprimanded earlier this afternoon for always making it a habit to leave her cellphone when she goes out. If there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s when her phone is ringing here while I’m trying to call her and she’s out. I see her always talking on the phone when she’s here at home, but when she goes out like to buy something to the grocery, or get grass for the Guinea Pigs in Pueblo, she leaves the phone at home! I don’t want to think that she’s intentionally doing that.

Anyway, I had this really really weird dream last night that even Ralph had trouble interpreting. I was not sure if I was with Ralph while walking across Mila’s restaurant. All I know was I wasn’t alone. I was right along tita Corrie Torreblanca’s gate and I saw a beautiful Macaw when I looked up to the trees that are inside their house but the branches extend outside. As if by instinct, I held up my arm invitingly so that the bird would perch on me and it did. Strangely though, the Macaw that was perching on me gradually transformed into a human baby!

The next scene looked like I brought the baby home although the location was not at all familiar to me. I just noticed that each minute that passed by, the baby grew up so fast! And I just saw myself become very busy juggling my time between being with the baby that was becoming more and more like a toddler each minute and responding to a phone call from Pope Francis! Yes… Pope Francis called me on the phone. He first called just to tell me something… just a message that I wrote down in a piece of paper. The length of the message looked like that of a standard paragraph. The second phone call he made was instructing me to go somewhere to get something for him. Both the message and the instruction were not clear to me and I was obviously more interested with being with the Macaw-turned-baby. In my dream, I kept asking myself whether or not to turn the baby in to Tita Corrie who owns the Macaw. I was also forcing my brain to remember what Pope Francis’ instruction was.

But none of the issues were solved because I woke up. My birds in real life were actually being very noisy, as if intentionally waking me up. I told Ralph about it who was already awake, but he can’t seem to figure it out either. He thinks it’s got something to do with him being unemployed. That maybe I’m torn between working or helping him find work. But I doubt it has anything to do with work at all.