Another week has passed…. still no luck


I’m just sitting here in my desk patiently waiting for my boss’ skype status to change from being idle to active. It is now Sunday and I’m normally at 30 hours or more in my ODesk time, but today I’m no more than 20 hours which is a little bit scary. I have already finished what’s left to do for today but I still have about six tasks sitting in Asana waiting for feedback. Without the feedback, I can’t work on those because there’s nothing to go on. And I am skeptic whether I should keep reminding my boss about the feedback because I have already left him MY own feedbacks both in his skype and right from Asana replies. They just need to be answered so I can continue working.

Yes little hours on Odesk for a week can be scary especially that Ralph is still waiting for his own contract with MetaScrape to resume. His contract was put on hold since December of 2014. He earns more than me so him without work really hurts our financial state. We just hope that MetaScrape does resume soon. He has been constantly sending applications atĀ Odesk but it seems like employers are either getting too stingy or they’re only looking for 5-star rated freelancers. Ralph used to be one but after his altercation with a previous employer, he was negatively rated. My husband’s quality of work is exceptional and if employers don’t even try to look beyond the superficial labeling of rating, then they’re missing the best developer they could ever have on their team. I would say it’s their loss but we need him to be back to work soon and I can only pray that these employers should know better when looking for a qualified web developer.

For the lack of productive things to do yesterday, I ended up watching these films. I have already watched the first one so many times but my househelp hasn’t and I thought it would be nice for her to see the movie I had always referred to as “the scariest movie of all time.”

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