The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episodes Are so Hard to Watch These Days


My husband was getting annoyed at me while I was watching the Drama Queen episode of the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I was practically yelling at the TV whenever Brandi Glanville kept repeating to Kim Richards how she’s been there for Kim while Kyle, Kim’s sister, hasn’t been. Ok, given that she was there for Kim, can’t she just let Kim and the people surrounding them be the judge of that? I don’t see the need to have to remind Kim about that over and over. And it’s really not cool to say that Kyle hasn’t been there for Kim because she’s the sister and Brandi just recently became close to Kim. For those who didn’t know, Brandi Glanville was not in Kim Richards’ vocabulary back in season 2. She was a nobody to everyone except maybe for Adrienne Maloof who first introduced Brandi to the girls, and Lisa and Ken in season 3 . All of whom Brandi had turned against in the later seasons.

When I first started watching the show, I was rooting for Brandi Glanville because she was the show’s underdog and she kind of represented the population of the not-so-rich housewives in real life. But when she began going against Lisa Vanderpump who practically looked like a fool defending her over and over, I knew she had become the bad guy of the show.

Whenever Brandi has a scene in the show, it is always so hard to watch. Whenever she opens her mouth, she always has my stomach in knots. Where was the Brandi Glanville I admired during the second season? But I can’t figure out whether I should take her side after watching tonight’s episode where Kim brought her to Kyle’s Mixer party. I just wished Kim had not invited Brandi given the most recent incident at Eileen Davidson’s house.

I just wished the Brandi had kept her mouth shut when Kyle approached her and started apologizing for pushing her back in Eileen’s house. But everything became a blur after that scene because Kyle couldn’t seem to stop talking and Brandi kept retaliating back! She even dragged Mauricio’s name when Kyle told her to leave and that she’s not wanted to which Brandi retorted “Neither are you! Ask your husband!” Come on! Both Kyle and Mauricio have been nothing but very supportive of her especially at the time she lost her dog! The least she could have done was just kept quiet and left for everyone’s sake!

Brandi Glanville is so not a Beverly Hills Housewife material! I hope Bravo would find her a suitable reality show! Maybe cast her in Eddie and Leanne.


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