All Giggles Over Dream Dad


I just finished watching Dream Dad. Tonight’s episode is truly worth giggling over especially watching the telephone scene where Baby waited so patiently for Sebastian’s call. Poor little baby had to endure staying by the phone in high hopes of it to ring. She waited before 9Am only to get the call at night time when she’s about to eat dinner. The mere fact that she actually received a call from the president of ENS was very heartwarming. I guess you can compare the feeling to that of a young girl crushing on someone who is way out of her league, but still gets lucky that she’s getting the attention somehow.

I wish Sebastian would adopt Baby already! I can’t wait for next week’s episode! Good job ABS-CBN!

Now, who do you think should Sebastian end up with? You may click on your choice below and see if most of the readers agree with you.


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