My Take on Infidelity-Themed Movies or TV Programs


I am currently watching the Philippine version of Two Wives starring Kaye Abad as the wife, Jayson Abalos as the husband and Erich Gonzales as the mistress. I’m at the part where Kaye or Yvonne , her character, lured Janine deceptively into setting her up an annulment celebration flower arrangement at a hotel where she’s also anticipating the presence of her soon to be ex-husband Victor. I was actually excited ‘coz I thought that she cooked up something really good, something that would really hit Janine where it hurts but it was pretty lame now that I saw the way it ended for tonight’s episode. It really bugs me when the mistresses take the most laugh while the wife becomes the underdog. Come to think of it, the wife is the last person to know about the affair, the husband tends to feel passionately more for the mistress than the wife, and the wife ends up alone in the end.

I have a number of friends who have become wives and ended up in Yvonne’s situation. They are good women and loving wives that it really dawned on me that no matter how beautiful you are, no matter how attentive you are to your partner, that there will always be someone else. The Two Wives, I notice, has recently been trying to justify the story by appealing to the audience that Janine has been through so much i.e her father left her, her mother raised her by becoming some husbands’ mistress, she had to work her way up and a lot of sob stories just so the audience would try to see her side. But no amount of love between two people can justify that if a family got broken over it.

I am a happily married woman, but my heart breaks each time I watch these TV programs or movies that have this particular theme. I mean, how much more if the wives who got cheated on are the ones who are watching? Do they just turn the TV off because watching it relived onscreen is  kind of pouring salt to the already injured wounds? Or do they still watch anyway?

Programs like this are always controversial because cheating spouses do exist and it happens in real life, on a day to day basis for sure. So if you’re still a single woman or man, better think early on about the repercussion of getting involved in a messy situation like this. Not only will you destroy a family that will forever change some children’s lives, but you will always be looked at as the person who took someone away from the family that they’re supposed to be with, a sad truth that you’ll forever carry with you for as long as you live.


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