This is crazy! I watched last night’s episode of Pinoy Big Brother where Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla visited the famous house that currently holds young hopefuls vying for the coveted prize of being this season’s PBB winner.  The said episode also featured the scene where Big Brother had to ask his celebrity housemate Jane Oineza about the controversial ‘No Comment” response she provided the other housemates when they were asking about whether or not Kathryn Bernardo had some work done to enhance her physical features.This is my opinion alone and I’m sure that Jane Oineza fans would, again, vehemently react the way they did with the response I made in one of the Facebook posts of ABS-CBN which tackled the said issue.

When you’re friends with someone, it is natural that you know little stuffs about her. It is different however, when you’re friends with someone famous. It also depends whether that famous friend is very open to public or is the secretive type. For instance,  if you’re friends with Kris Aquino, chances are, people don’t feel the need to ask anymore as she, herself, publicly announces whatever speculations the media has over her and addresses the issues boldly. But if you’re friends with the type who would rather keep things to themselves, that’s when people speculate and go around asking other people for answers.

If I am aware that Kathryn actually did some enhancements but would rather not discuss it to people since it’s not their business anyway, that’s when I would say ‘no comment.’ But when I know that my friend did not have any enhancement done, then I would absolutely respond “no.” But when you’re completely clueless as to whether your friend had some enhancement or not, I think the normal response should have been “I really don’t know.”

That is simply the point I was trying to make when I made the response on Facebook and wow, these people who are obviously trying to defend Jane started saying I should read the dictionary. I mean come on! When you reply “whatever” when you’re being sarcastic, Merriam-Webster dictionary perhaps forgot to include the sarcasm in its definition. Unlike Wikipedia, most dictionaries exclude the terminology that is also being used as a slang.

Whatever is a slang term meaning “whatever you say” and “I don’t care what you say”.

Same way that when one says no comment, most dictionaries exclude the fact that some public relations professionals have argued against the use of no comment,

…stating that one of the goals of working with the press is to resolve issues before they become hot topics. Offering no comment allows the press to fill in the blanks, diverts the focus of the publicity, and sacrifices an opportunity to communicate key messages.