Bernice Lee Should Also be Arrested for Serious Illegal Detention!


While we are grateful for the issuance of Warrant of Arrest for Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo, Zimmer Raz, Jed Fernandez and Ferdinand Guerrero, we are completely appalled that the names Berniece Lee and JP Calma were not included.

According to Atty. Alma Mallonga, Vhong Navarro’s legal counsel, both Bernice Lee and JP Calma each have their own role in the case of serious illegal detention along with grave coercion. Berniece is Cedric Lee’s sister who was identified in the CCTV footage obtained by the National Bureau of Investigation in Forbeswood Heights the night Vhong was mauled. She was the one who brought the two men up to Deniece Cornejo’s condo unit before Vhong Navarro arrived. One of the men who is still unidentified was carrying a duct tape, an evidence which Cedric Lee, at the time, had claimed they just found inside Cornejo’s unit.

This was Atty. Mallonga’s comment which was sent via text message to PEP just this afternoon, April 21:

We are truly thankful. We have faith in the process. We will continue to work hard to ensure that all who are responsible for the crime are held to account. Following that process, we want to know why no warrants of arrest were issued against Bernice Lee and JP Calma. Upon the facts and the law, they are equally culpable. We will avail of all legal remedies to bring them to the bar of justice.