BIR on Pacquiao Just Seems so Wrong in Every Aspect


I read today’s news and found an article about Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares reminding people’s champ Manny Pacquiao to settle P2.6 Billion tax deficiency. This is actually not surprising given that she’s been very vocal about this issue even before Pacquiao gave another honor to the country by winning his most recent fight against Timothy Bradley.

I honestly don’t understand the complete details on how Manny ended up having this problem with BIR when all I know is he does file his taxes both here and the US. While I do support BIR in their battle against tax evasion, I just don’t feel it’s proper to continuously harass Manny over this because for one, Manny earns his wealth by constantly getting beat up in the boxing ring unlike most wealthy people. He does what is best referred to as “manual labor”.

Manny also never fails to share a portion of his wealth to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, so it’s not like he’s just keeping it all to himself! Moreover, the pride and honor that Manny gives to our country is paramount. Wherever you go, people know about the Philippines because it’s where Manny Pacquiao comes from. Let’s not deny that.

One other important thing is and I’m sure most people would agree with me, is that no one is really sure where our taxes will go this time around considering the recent scams where money that was supposed to go to NGO’s  and government projects just ended up on some politician’s wallet. I’m sure most of Pacquiao’s past remitted taxes were enjoyed by Janet Napoles’ family. Can they actually blame Manny and other people if they’re not so wholeheartedly law-abiding in this issue?

Bob Arum was right when he said “You should be ashamed,” to Kim Henares. That’s actually how I feel as well. I feel this is not how our country’s pride be treated at all. I wish Malacanang would do something about this.