Cedric Lee’s Leverage is Gone


I made a post not too long ago about how I would want things to happen just so I can consider my day to be a good one. And I think God is slowly, but surely making those possible. We all know that Vhong Navarro has been cleared of rape in the case filed by Deniece Cornejo, while she and the rest of the people who were involved in the mauling of the actor were indicted for the serious illegal detention and grave coercion by the Department of Justice. I am so grateful for the good Lord of that.

This rape case that she filed, or should I say, Cedric Lee “made her file” was, in my own opinion only, supposed to be Cedric’s leverage should things go wrong. I think they never thought or even considered the possibility that Vhong would even open up about what had happened because they made sure that their threat was enough to keep him quiet. They took a video of his genital, threatened to ruin his career and do harm to his family members if he so much as talk about “it”. Obviously getting desperate, Cedric had to hire more rape case victims perhaps to add more leverage. Recently, Vhong’s lawyer Atty Alma Mallonga has received a threat from Cedric Lee’s camp.

Well thank God Vhong chose to do the right thing and by doing so, he is slowly being rewarded with the good decisions from the courts and respective authorities! Like I said repeatedly, no one can put a good man down.

With Deniece’s rape case getting dismissed, Roxanne Cabanero’s and Margarita Fajardo’s rape claims don’t really stand too promising for a leverage which made Cedric Lee, according to some NAIA sources ,booked a flight to Dubai. However, when word got out, he cancelled it. As if my day isn’t  good enough already, the organization behind the Miss Bikini Philippines pageant has filed a lawsuit against their former contestant Roxanne Cabanero. The organization is demanding Cabanero to pay P1 million “for the damage sustained by [the organization’s] goodwill and business reputation.” This is in addition to P400,000 as corrective damages and P205,000 for legal costs.

Ouch! Poor Roxanne! This is what you get for getting “inspired” by the crusade that Deniece Cornejo was undertaking. Now where are you going to get a total of 1.6 Million demanded by the Slimmer’s World organization if they do win the lawsuit? Cedric Lee won’t be of any help for sure because he himself has an ongoing tax evasion case filed by the BIR.

Oh well. Like I said in my Facebook status, “Children… let me give you a perfect example of the saying “What goes around, comes around!”