Would have been a better day if only….


It’s been weeks now that people have been talking non-stop about Vhong Navarro’s televised tell-all interview with TV host Boy Abunda from the actor’s hospital bed on January 26th that set off a week-long scandal that continues to hog the national headlines and dominate Filipinos’ conversations. Yesterday, an article came out which implies that the bashing of the young starlet Deniece Cornejo reflects how Filipino people really see women. I was incredulous! Seriously? I am a woman and I support women who are victims of rape and domestic violence. If the CCTV footage obtained by the NBI told a different story, I would be backing Deniece 100%, but no, the CCTV footage revealed the obvious truth that there wasn’t a minute that Vhong Navarro could have even tried to do anything to her because she left the room a minute or two when Vhong arrived in the scene.
I woke up today wishing that It’s a different day from the rest. If only….

  • Text messages that were deleted from Vhong’s phone would be retrieved. These messages contain the exchange between him and Deniece prior to the incident, and texts proving he was being extorted money of up to 2 Million pesos
  •  Deniece Cornejo would finally admit she was never raped by Vhong Navarro or the court dismissed the case she filed against Vhong.
  • Warrant of Arrest would finally be served to Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee, Ferdinand Guerrero, Zimmer Raz, JP Calma and two other people.
  • Cedric Lee would kneel down and ask for Vhong’s forgiveness and Vhong would give him a hard time about it.
  • GMA Network would already drop any possibility of building up Deniece’s career after she goes out of prison (if she ever does).
  • Zimmer Raz and this alyas-Mike guy (I don’t know if they’re one and the same) beat the hell out of Cedric if they’re in the same prison cell for dragging them in such a mess.