Why did Vhong Navarro have to sign the blotter report against him?


I just finished watching The Buzz program where Boy Abunda interviewed Vhong Navarro. To those who may not know, Vhong Navarro was badly beaten by a group of men who allegedly tried to extort money from him. While I was not able to watch the complete coverage of the said interview, I already have a few questions regarding the alleged blotter report claiming that Vhong tried to rape the woman who invited him to her condo unit.

I know the whole police blotter report process. I have filed a couple of blotter reports in the past and as far as I know, you don’t need the signature of the person you’re blotting. Example, if I was threatened by my neighbor, I don’t need to bring my neighbor to the police station and sign the report I’m making against him/her. Who would sign a document that is self-incriminating? It’s pretty clear that the blotter report made against Vhong was done with coercion.

And here’s the other thing, the woman invited Vhong to come over when everyone knows that Vhong is currently in a relationship with someone. That act alone pretty much tells everything. If she only wanted to have a talk, she could have just texted him, called him or have him meet up with her somewhere public. Everything that was thrown at Vhong doesn’t seem to make sense. I’m not saying that Vhong did do something, but if there were advances done, I’m sure Vhong would have figured out that the woman wasn’t interested IF the woman did try to refuse.

I really pray that the authorities would give justice to the Vhong Navarro incident.  I am not even a big fan. I just don’t want these people getting away with the assault. Vhong is right, if it happened to him who’s a public figure, it can happen to the ordinary people.