It’s final. I am no longer on Team Brandi Glanville!


Oh wow… I can’t even begin to describe how I feel as I write this blog entry. Recently, a lot of bad things have happened to us. I have already mentioned that Ralph lost his almost two-year employment with the school based in Chicago where I’m still currently employed. Luckily though, soon after, he got himself a new job with another company who has always made him an offer but due to his full time contract with the school at the time, he was unable to accept. We’re just so grateful that the company still gave him a chance as soon as his schedule was clear.

Second, one of our Odesk team members’ contract was dropped by the client due to his online visibility issue. The client’s reason was valid and I have no problem with that.

Third, the two guinea pigs that we gave away as gifts to our friend have passed away and it hasn’t even been a month yet. This is why I was in hell yesterday because I kept reliving the tragic passing of my pets who I cared for personally. You see, I consider my pets as family members so I’m sure you can imagine how bad it feels that they’re gone. As much as I want to say in details how they died, I would rather not because it would then haunt me over and over that I was not there to protect them. How¬† I wish I could turn back the hands of time and just kept them here with me where they’re truly safe.That probably explains why we’ve been having bad lucks recently. I wish bad luck would stop aiming at us because we certainly did nothing to inflict any pain and harm to any of our pets. The only thing we’re guilty for is the fact that we gave them away with good intentions of sharing our blessings.

Going to the dark side as Kyle puts it after Brandi giggled that she was ‘getting drunkish’

And back to today… I just finished watching the sixth episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where the girls are rocking in Palm Springs. I actually have a lot to say and this time I may be singing a new tune. I am no longer on Team Brandi Glanville! Oh my gawd! The girl is a complete mess! While I have never liked Kyle Richards because of how mean she once was, Kyle has been seriously exerting all efforts to be nice to Brandi. I completely understand why the transformation: When Brandi was the underdog, people immediately took Brandi’s side because let’s face it, people always hate the villain character and at the time, Brandi was not yet acting the way she does now which is a complete bitch! Bully and bitch actually!

You know, every time I watch this show, I get anxious because whenever they all gather together, something bad always ensues. I only want to see these girls be in the same room and have fun. Is that too much to ask? Can’t they all get along? And I may not be on this part of the show yet, but it’s quite obvious that Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville’s friendship has completely gone to an end by the way Lisa talks about Brandi in her blog. I actually liked their tandem in the previous seasons but being the audience, I know I saw a couple of scenes where Brandi was making fun of Lisa while Lisa’s not around. It’s not good to do to someone who has always had your back the whole time you were at war with the rest of these powerful women. I still very much like Lisa and Yolanda but I also read from Lisa’s blog that her feelings are changing even for Yolanda. And I’m sure it’s because of Brandi too.

Joyce, trying to keep her cool and be a lady when Brandi told her ‘go fuck yourself’

Now what do I think of Joyce Giraud? I like her. She’s funny and I think she only wants to get along with everyone but when you have someone call you Jacqueline all the time when you know for a fact that she knows what your real name is, the harmony will definitely not happen. Brandi was clearly intentionally bullying Joyce. I don’t even care if she publicly apologized in her blog because if one re-reads the apology, there are still sections there where she’s like justifying what she did. When you apologize, you admit that you were wrong and you leave it at that.

If I think Brandi is envious of Joyce, the answer would be yes. Come on, before Joyce even joined the show, Brandi’s only card against these women is her having the best figure. While the housewives spend their time worrying where to shop at next, Brandi spends her time showing her body more and wearing less outfit. But now that Joyce Giraud is in the picture, a housewife who’s not only wealthy but also a beauty titlist, Brandi’s only card is definitely at risk!

Oh well, I can’t wait to see the next episode. I wish I would see more friend-hugging scene and less confrontation but I’m sure that’s not happening anytime soon!