My Thoughts on Kris and Bruce Jenner’s Confirmed Separation


I have been watching the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians for a long time now and seeing the news about Kris and Bruce Jenner’s separation actually caught me by surprise. The only thing new about the news is the fact that the ‘now ex-couple’ actually confirmed the reports. They’ve been reported as divorced or separated a lot of times already but it has always been denied by both.

Recent episodes of their very popular reality TV show have shown that Bruce Jenner has been staying in his own Malibu beach home. I think it all started when Kim Kardashian moved back into her family’s home as her and Kanye West’s Beverly Hills mansion construction is still ongoing. I saw how that affected Bruce and even Kendall and Kylie. But everyone also knows that Kris visits Bruce from time to time and has even gotten close with the Jenner’s side of the family: Brody and Brandon. They even went to that vacation in Greece where Brody and Kris had finally talked about their feud. In that episode however, we’ve all seen how Bruce Jenner’s kids publicly talked about the unfair treatment their father has been getting from Kris and they knew that something was definitely wrong with the picture. I think that was the start of everything that led to this separation.

If it’s just up to Bruce, I’m sure he would have just stayed and dealt with the emasculation from Kris. He’s always told the kids that he and Kris wouldn’t have been married for over twenty years if he hasn’t been patient and put up with all the bullshit. But I think with Bruce’s others kids (the Jenner’s side) back in the picture now, they’ve probably talked some sense into their father so that he would finally wake up and realize how people have been seeing him for a long time now. And it’s always been P I T Y.

If I think this separation is for publicity, I don’t think so. They have hot publicity everyday; they don’t need this one. It’s just a shame on the Kardashian’s part because Bruce Jenner has always been a very good stepdad to everyone and even a great grandad to Kourtney’s kids. I have always looked at him as the only ‘sane’ person in the family, seriously. He gave great advices to Khloe and his outlook in life has been somewhat conservative which is good.

I read that Kris Jenner has no plans of filing a divorce. I think I know why. Like they always say, their family is a business empire. And the fact that they have no prenup should explain why she would rather stay married yet separated from Bruce.I’m sure it’s about the big chunk of fortune she doesn’t want to split.