Missing Ghost Whisperer


It’s been three weeks now that we have no more Ghost Whisperer episodes and seasons to watch. Yeah, I know that Ghost Whisperer has long since stopped from airing but we didn’t really get to watch it while it was still on air. Because most of our TV programs are currently on hiatus, we picked out long-running TV Programs; one that had the most seasons and Ghost Whisperer was one of them.

If you ask my husband why he likes Ghost Whisperer so much, he’s probably gonna come up with the plot and storyline excuse, but it’s really because of Jennifer Love Hewitt, the main character who’s also the program’s executive producer and sometimes director. And if you ask me why I like it, I would say because of David Conrad! Despite Ralph’s constant comment that the show must be getting desperate sometimes to earn TV ratings by the way Jennifer dresses up, I know he likes what he was seeing.

As with me, apart from the obvious fact that David Conrad or Jim Clancy, his character in the show, is actually good-looking, his character of being a loving, super understanding and most patient husband was the main reason I kept watching. He just lets Melinda do whatever she has to do although he always attempts to win the argument. But you know how it always ends.So imagine my hostility when they killed off his character. But luckily, the majority of viewers didn’t seem to agree.

I wish they would bring the show back. Especially that Jennifer now has her own baby in real life, I’m sure being Aidan’s mother would feel so natural for her now.



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