For Richer or for Poorer, In Sickness and… In Sickness


Ralph and I have both seen Dr. Jimenez twice last week because, as usual, we’re sick. You’re probably rolling your eyes right now and doing that exaggerated sigh while saying ‘what’s new? And I don’t blame you at all because for almost four years of marriage, I can’t really recall a long period of time when we’re both in good health condition! And we all know why: because of our pets who are living with us right inside our room!

I swear I did try my best to sneak these pets out and relocate them in the living room where they should probably be but they always manage to come right back once Ralph heard them scream from the outside.

Oh well. I don’t know what to do anymore! Just pray for me that I’ll still be around to see my son graduate from high school!


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