Room 208 The Doctor’s Hospital


Today is Ralph’s confinement here at the Doctor’s Hospital in Bacolod City. He will have his surgery first thing tomorrow morning at around 6:00 am. We took my brother Rey with us to keep me company while Ralph is in the operating room as well as assist us in everything that we need like foods and other stuffs.

The room is really nice! This is actually my first time in The Doctor’s Hospital and right from admitting, Phil Health section down to the Emergency room, almost all of the staff have been super duper nice to us. I liked the fact that they prohibited Ralph from smoking the minute he was officially admitted hahahahaha! Poor Ralph, you should have seen how miserable he was that he can’t smoke!

He is being monitored prior to his operation and almost all the doctors who came in to interview him always tell him not to smoke anymore. All he did was nod and pretend as if he was listening. Rey and I couldn’t help but suppress our giggles.

The only not-so-good thing I can say about the room is the water that’s coming out of the bathroom’s faucet.  Now is that gross or what? Can you imagine brushing your teeth using that water? The nurse who heard me comment about it instructed me to let it run for a minute and the water will just turn clear after. Well I did but it still looked like pee to me.

1. Room 208 The Doctor’s Hospital

2. Room 208 The Doctor’s Hospital

3. Room 208 The Doctor’s Hospital

4. Room 208 The Doctor’s Hospital

5. Room 208 The Doctor’s Hospital


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