A Scissor in the Hands of a School Teacher


My son came home today looking awkwardly and guiltily if I may say so, as if he’s done something he shouldn’t have. I didn’t initiate the convo but he simply said that he forgot to have his hair cut last Monday which was supposed to be the deadline for all the boy’s haircut. I didn’t say a word because I thought he was just stating a fact. Then his eyes became somewhat watery and he slowly docked his head from side to side to reveal to me what looked like a bald spot in between his very thick black hair.

My eyes widened in disbelief. I gasped before I could even say a word. I asked him who did this to him and the eyes that were just watery earlier were now foaming with tears. He said “Mrs. Jamora.”

My son knows how I deal with his hair. I don’t let anyone touches it unless he knows what he’s doing! Even when Ralph bought that electric hair clipper, I still sent Ken to the barber shop because I don’t want him to look ridiculous if Ralph handles it!

And ridiculous was exactly what to describe him today!

Ken must have known how I would react so he immediately blamed himself for what had happened because he forgot to get it done earlier when he was supposed to. And I can not believe that my son actually blamed himself for something that was done wrong TO HIM!

My eyes flashed with anger, I can no longer remember the exact lines that came out of my mouth. All I can remember is the fact that Ralph had to clock out from his Odesk and gave me his full attention. He then asked me to call our lawyer to ask what can be done about it.

I can’t believe that Madeleine Academy would let this thing happen! This act is not only considered to be abusive towards kids, but also an act of bullying! Maybe to some I’m only making a bid deal out of nothing, but anything that has to do with my son is a big deal so I won’t just sit around and wait till the next time that teacher does another thing humiliating to him.

Anyone who messes with Ken messes with me. And if you know me and my husband very well, I don’t think you would ever want to.