Strayed bird that we named Spring!


UPDATE: As of February 2, sometime between 8:30 to 9:30 pm, Spring has passed away. Right after my son’s birthday party, when we got back to the room, he was showing a different attitude– it was as if it decided to become friendly all of a sudden: perching on our fingers, letting us feed him. But we were completely unaware that the sudden change of attitude was already signs of his illness. It was as if he suffered a heart attack! He just went to sleep and all of a sudden he spit something that looked like blood although the color was darker than normal, and then he just fell down.

We were all freaking out and Ralph had to go to the bathroom in high hopes of it being revived after running a little bit of cold water on him, but nothing. We tried to forcefully open its beak and blow some air into it, and nothing still. We are deeply broken-hearted over his passing because he’s already become a member of our family the minute he got here.

We are so saddened. Deeply saddened. We don’t do well with death.

I had Jenjen’s younger brother come over today to do a weekly cleaning of our Guinea Pig Hotel and our lovebird’s birdcage. During lunchtime however, a strayed bird happen to have swung by right in front of Mart, Jenjen’s brother, while he was eating his lunch. He instinctively caught it effortlessly.

Because the bird looks a bit wild, I decided to put it in a cage that Midnight uses and transferred Midnight to join Baileys in the bigger cage. These two were housed separately because of a major pet fight that happened a month ago. They’re no longer lovebirds; they’re now the estranged birds!

Ralph and I have no idea what kind of bird this is though. We tried googling it up and the closest resemblance of an Oriental Skylark is the best that we came up with because I saw that the hair in the center portion of the bird’s head rises whenever he is provoked. When Nicole, my favorite parrot, was threatening to attack him, his hair kept rising up. It’s weird looking at it!

We named him Spring because we got him on the first day of February and Ralph was probably feeling nostalgic of the Spring season which is fast approaching in the US. If it were up to me though, I would have named him Smash because he kept smashing against the wall, the clock, and the ceiling light!

If you may have any information regarding this specie, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section. Please inform us as well if this specie is endangered so we would know what to do.

Many thanks in advance!