Pet Fights


These past few weeks have been a crazy week for us. It all started when we found our female lovebird, Baileys, all bloody and limping.

Ken had his friends over that day. They were playing near the birdcage till we heard them scream at the same time the birds were squeaking. I immediately clocked out of O’Desk team room and ran to check what the commotion was. Ken’s classmates were freaking out, both delivering their reports in unison. I just took the birdcage with me and brought it inside our room and returned to my work.

While I was working however, Baileys’ awkward walking caught my attention. Once again, I clocked out of Odesk to observe Baileys. I noticed that she hardly moves and when she does, she was limping. Then I was horrified to find a thick flock of feather the same color as Baileys which suggests that it’s hers. When I took to examine the feather, I was even more shocked to find spots of blood down its root. I called Ralph to show him. I saw him gasp a little upon finding Baileys in that situation. He then took her and check the part of her wing where the feather could have possibly been from. And our eyes grew big when we found blood in that area. Almost as if there was a big gun shot wound!

We took Baileys to the Vet the next day because it was already dark and the Vet was already closed. She was given antibiotics and vitamins. And as I type this entry, she’s back in her bitchy ways already – biting us when she feels like doing so.

A week after, it was like deja vu. There was another screaming from outside the room. Jenjen and Ken were both screaming because Shortie, my favorite Guinea Pig, and Scooter, our recently-bought male Guinea Pig, were being aggressive against each other. For the longest time, Shortie has been the only male among our Cavies. He was the first cavy we owned till we bought Sasha. Soon after, they had two babies: Sebastian and Betty who are both females and are now capable of having their own babies as well.

However, we noticed that Shortie has been inactive in getting the females pregnant, so we decided to get another male. But never has it crossed my mind that they would be fighting! I mean I have read about two male Guinea PigsĀ  fighting over dominance before but I don’t know… they just slipped my mind. I guess I have been used to seeing a very good and harmonious relationship existing among the pigs that we have, it didn’t cross my mind that Scooter can pose a threat to it.

When I took Shortie from the cage, I realized that Scooter had scratched his left eye it was already bleeding. It was even dripping he looked as if he was crying blood! I almost cried! I can’t bear to see my Shortie in such state! I don’t know really but Shortie has this look like you’re going to feel sorry for him at first sight. To me, Shortie is the cutest pet in the world! Ralph doesn’t completely agree becauseĀ  he prefers Sebastian. So I administered antibiotics too on Shortie and put Betadine on his other wounds cut by Scooter who has really long nails. I also kept him in the room overnight although my asthma is really acting up whenever I have a ‘fury’ friend in the room.



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