What I learned from 2012


Ten more hours to go and I’m finally saying goodbye to year 2012. If something has been consistent, it’s my health problems. I spent most of the time either coughing or sneezing. I have a weak immune system so even if I’m ok now, but someone a few feet away from me is sick, I will most definitely catch it. Therefore I learned that I should prioritize my health above everything else. I can’t work when I’m sick. And if I can’t work, I wouldn’t be able to afford the medicines. It’s a cycle.

What else… Ok, I think I remember something important. Don’t let anyone, no matter how big their stature is in the society, tell you any different. If they so much as taint your reputation, defend yourself. If you let them just get away with it, they’ll get used to it. But I do it rather differently. If they open their mouths as their device to harm you, you retaliate not by doing the same but by slapping them with a lawsuit that will hurt them till the next century. Don’t defend yourself by talking. Do it by legal means. They’ll be cowering in a snap of a finger.

I don’t know if most of you would agree, but I realized the hard way that blood isn’t really thicker than water. I realized that the whole meaning of family is defined on how tight one sticks by you through ups and downs. In my experience however, my family was mostly the ones pulling me in descent. Moral of the story, keep the ones who will die for you and die with you. Forgive those who have hurt you. However, don’t forget what they’ve done. Learn from it.

Get a pet. Love a pet. If you really give your heart to them, you’ll realize that there’s more to life than just existing with the other human being. Pets will defend you and will be there for you sincerely. Humans tend to be more inclined to give when they get something in return. Pets aren’t like that. They will give you their affection wholeheartedly if they feel they are loved.

Never ever sign any documents without reading them three times! Even if the one asking you to sign is your very best friend! Especially if you’re signing on anything relating to undermining your authorities on anything. An authority should be full in power and without any limitations.

Don’t bother saving a house with a very small market value. Save money and get your own house. And if you can, get a house when your savings is able to pay for it. Financing it might get you in trouble in the future.

Lastly, don’t let people feel that you’re so easy to get along with. Sometimes, it pays when they’re very afraid of you.