In Sickness and in Pets


Wow! Can you believe that three weeks from now, kids will, once again, be back to school? Seemed like yesterday when Ken and I were fighting over his Recognition Day! The school break sure flew by so fast! I made sure I gave Ken enough play time while school is out. That would also help provide him with inputs in his upcoming English essay about “My Summer Experiences” if they were to be given one.

Well, I remember when I was both in primary and high school, we were always made to write a lot about our experiences with whatever occasion or event that had transpired before the school resumed like ‘All Saint’s Day Experiences‘, ‘Christmas Vacation Experiences‘, etc. I can’t help but smile each time I would recall moments like this; teachers would normally ask for a one-page bond paper essay, but mine would sometimes take two and a half! Oh well, that explains why I later resorted to blogging!


Anyone who knows me personally would definitely raise their eyebrows when they see my photos on Facebook holding any kinds of animals. Thus the reaction of my best-friend Janice Lopez when she came by one day and saw me holding my guinea pig named Shortie. Because Shortie has this messy hair unlike most well-groomed guinea pigs, he kind of looks like a rat, so both Janice and my brother’s wife Rena were very much unwilling to hold him, let alone be near him.

Poor Shortie, he’s like the cutest creature in the world for me! I took a photo of me carrying him in my side and he absolutely looks like a stuffed animal!

I used to give him daily baths but I found out from Yahoo! Answers that it’s not good for them and that it will take off the oils that my guinea pig needs, making their skin dry in the process. I definitely don’t want to risk it so I stopped giving Shortie the daily trip to the bathroom! I do however, wash parts of his body that have touched his poops and wees. I always carry him so I don’t want him stinky.

I guess it is true what they say, that having pets inside the house is a good luck charm. We got Shortie and Ralph’s pet lovebirds Midnight and Baileys right after we got my biopsy showing a benign result. We have been saving up for my pre-planned hospital expenses in case I undergo surgery for the removal of my popliteal cyst but because God has been so good to us and made sure I was fine, we spent some of that money getting ourselves these wonderful pets from Pet’rrific! Petshop located at 2726 Lopez Jaena St., Shopping, Bacolod City. They’re right beside New Aleco Corporation, and just right across the street from Circle Inn’s main gate.

Since then, things seemed to have been smoother and our healths are getting better with fewer trips to the doctor’s clinics. Each time I wake up, there’s always this different kind of energy inside the room because birds are either chirping or the guinea pig is doing something worth checking out on. Although I must admit that  it sure has been a real trying time for me and Ralph.

Midnight and Baileys

Ok, it’s time for me to talk about Ralph’s lovebirds Midnight and Baileys. Ralph always says that I don’t seem to care about the birds and that I’m all about Shortie, which is so not true at all! Between the two birds though, I do root for Midnight because he’s such a good and well-tamed bird! We got Midnight the same time we got Shortie. Baileys came in a week after because we noticed that Midnight seemed depress and that we would have to turn on a YouTube video of a chirping bird just to get him to chirp back or do anything you would call an activity!

So we sent our relative off to Bacolod to buy a female bird. Unlike Midnight however, she’s so hard to tame! Plus she’s a lot bigger in size. She flies like a pro. Midnight still has a hard time with his flying skills. I think I’ve never seen or heard of a bird who can’t fly properly. Till I saw Midnight.

If you guys have any advice or suggestions about how we can take good care more of Shortie, Midnight and Baileys, please feel free to post them through comments. I would love to hear your inputs.



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