Beyond Economic Repair


This post is an update to my previous entry dated August 27, 2011.I called SST Laptop ‘n PC Shop around lunchtime to inquire about the status of my unit’s repair. It was already the sixth day that my unit has been with them and in that 6 days, I have called at least 4 or 5 times (on a daily basis) LOL. I was informed that the damage was in the Integrated Chip of the board; one that powers on the unit. Their previous feedback to me was that they still had to request for that chip from their supplier in Manila, and because there was a long weekend previously, I had to wait till everyone goes back to work to find out if my laptop is beyond repair or not. While the phone was ringing, I was waiting for the usual “we’re still waiting for a feedback from our supplier” kind of a reply, but what she said afterwards almost put my world into a sudden halt. “Oh you’re the one with the IC problem, right? I’m sorry but we can’t repair your unit. Our supplier doesn’t have an available IC. You may come pick up your laptop today.”

I felt my whole body froze. I know I heard her loud and clear, but a big part of my brain just couldn’t quite accept the reality and would-be implications of her statement. “Uhm, are you sure? Coz you said it’s only an IC, right? I mean, I can, perhaps, call BCG and ask them if they have some in stock or maybe Computer Solutions! I’m sure somebody in Bacolod has got to have it!

If the girl in the other end of the line was paying close attention, I’m sure she would have heard the desperation in my voice. “You can try that mam, but I must also inform you that here in Bacolod, we’re the only one who does thorough laptop repair because we’re the only one with the BGA technology.”

Was it just me or did she just have that smugness in her tone of reply? BGA technology my ass! I’m not saying it’s not true. It probably is! I’ve seen their flyers and even my own lawyer spoke highly of them. But it’s my laptop that they couldn’t fix! So I don’t care whether they’re the best in the world with that BGA technology thing, if they can’t fix my laptop, they’re no good to me!

I hung up the phone. Then I felt tears forming my eyes. My laptop is dead! Officially dead! Ralph must have turned around that time and found me just staring at the wall coz he asked how it went. I just said “I am so fucked!” and then cried. Of course Ralph knew what it meant. I’ve been bitching about my laptop’s absence for days already and even he said that me without my laptop has transformed me into some kind of a bitchy witch! It wasn’t like I was demanding to have my laptop back. I was just making a big deal of the small things that were making Ken and Ralph’s lives a complete hell.

Then Ralph started working on his laptop after turning his back on me. He did say he was sorry though which was sweet although that didn’t relieve my grief even a bit. I laid down on my bed and just hugged my pillow. Everyone knows that I hardly ever left the house when I was still single. So now that I’m married, I couldn’t just leave the house to go use a public computer! Ralph is always working, and the only time I can ever take over is when he has to pee, poo or sleep! And don’t even think I would ever put something in his foods to make him poo or pee all the time or drowse him to sleep just so I can stay much longer in his computer! I maybe desperate but I’m not that desperate to the point of poisoning my own husband just for his laptop! LOL

I suddenly felt sleepy so I let my body drown in the bed. My energy that day has been depleted by that one phone call alone. Just then my husband turned around. “Don’t just sleep in there, go take a shower now ‘coz we’re leaving.

I sat up. Leaving? Going where??? “What are you talking about? Where are we going?” I asked.

It was then that I noticed that he wasn’t actually working yet! He was doing some calculations in our Quickbooks! “We really have no choice hon. We have got to get a new computer! My computer has been very slow lately to the point where I can’t work properly. If we have a new computer, I use the new one for my work and you can have mine to use.”

Don’t you wish you have a husband like that??? But I was still in touch with reality and I think he was way in over his head. “That is so nice hon, but we don’t have the money for a new computer yet! We have spent a lot recently with you and Ken getting sick! Besides, I wasn’t asking that we buy a new one. I just wanted mine to be fixed. It has a sentimental value to me.” But everyone who knows Ralph Ritoch would say that if he has made his mind up on something, there isn’t anything that can stop him to go do and get it.

So we did go to Bacolod that afternoon and bought a brand new ASUS K42D with the following specs:

  • AMD N660 Processor
  • 4GB Memory
  • 500 GB Hard Disk
  • 14″ HD LED Display
  • Built-in Webcam
  • Built-in Card Reader
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
  • Wifi Ready
  • 6-cell battery

We intentionally bought it without an existing Operating System because Ralph went and bought Windows 7 Premium OS from IECC in SM. The laptop was bought from BCG also in SM Bacolod.

We also went and picked up my now-defunct ASUS from SST. They informed us that the chip was PS51020 with 30 pins. Yeah like I knew what that meant. Ralph on the other hand asked some more questions because he was starting to get the idea that he can probably fix it on his own but he would need to order the chip from the US. Naturally, he would need equipments to do the fix which is another problem. I asked them if I could have the ASUS repair center look at it but they said that ASUS service center only accommodates units within 2 years of use. Beyond that, they would try replacing the whole motherboard instead of just replacing an IC. Of course the cost of a motherboard replacement is practically the same as buying a brand new one. That is why most of the people I’ve spoken to that day has said that my unit is officially Beyond Economic Repair.