A Long and Painful Week


I feel terribly upset that I have not been able to update this site for weeks now. I was without a laptop for a couple of days already; almost one week to date on Tuesday. My computer just died on me a week ago and I want to kick myself for not having been too preemptive. Well, how was I supposed to know? My ASUS laptop had been with me since 2007 and it still looked semi brand-new. Its keyboard has stopped functioning since last year so I had to use a USB keyboard. Anyway, the whole process of getting it fixed has been surprisingly painful. I took it to SST Laptop Repair Shop located at Robinson’s Place in Bacolod City as was suggested by BCG Computer Repair personnel where I first took it. Even my lawyer has suggested the same owing from his own computer problems.

SST Laptop ‘n PC Shop, according to their flyer, specializes in the process of replacing laptop chips using only the latest in BGA Machine technology. This BGA Machine can replace very sensitive chips like NVIDIA Video Chip. They also specialize in the following:

  • Replacement of defective CD and DVD writer
  • Upgrade CD ROM to CD writer or DVD writer
  • Upgrade memory and hard drives
  • Repair hinges and cracks on casing
  • Replacement of LCD, keyboard and motherboard
  • Replacement of non-functioning USB port, speaker and DC Connector
  • Virus removal and document recovery
  • Buying of defective and working laptops
  • Password removal
  • Diagnostic/repair of blue and black screen
  • Laptop parts available such as adapter,  memory, hard drive etc.

So Ralph and I went there and we were told to leave my laptop there for three to five days. Diagnostic fee alone costs about Php400 and if they do get to repair the problem without having to install any parts, the fee would come up to Php1,500. Seemed fair to us so we left after signing almost every peripherals such as the monitor, battery, power supply etc. I even said at first, “What’s the point of this, it’s still gonne come off anyway?” but the receptionist informed me that the ink was indelible. Hmmnn, now that I thought about it, I remember I also left my laptop bag including my USB mouse with them but didn’t sign them. Oh well, I hope I’ll get them all back and in good shape still.

I kept sending them text messages to get updates on my computer’s status. They informed me that they need to replace the IC (Integrated Chip) and have yet to hear from their supplier. What worries me is the fact that if their supplier who’s in Manila does not have the chip, I might have to wait a little bit longer because there’s no other choice but to order it abroad! Gee!

When I talked about painful, I wasn’t referring to the cost. I was talking about the days and nights of me just watching my husband work on his own computer while I’m left in the background just doing NOTHING! Whenever he had to go to the bathroom, that’s when I get to check my emails or use Facebook or just read my previous blogs. He couldn’t be gone too long for me to be able to write an entire blog post!

This morning though, he’s not feeling so well. He still has some slight fever from his recent Bronchitis and he’s been just in bed so I took the opportunity to write something down.

A lot sure has happened these past few days. One of my good friends, Hazel Michelle no longer works as our PR Manager for VNet Publishing. She said her leaving had something to do with familial issues so we all respect her decision to leave. Ken has also been terribly sick that he was absent from class for five days! Luckily, he’s a fast learner and was able to catch up just in time for their Periodical Exam last August 24-26. He was absent on the 24th due to persistent coughing but he was able to make up for it the following day. My problem with him now is his cough because it is getting in the way of his Pop Dance event. I couldn’t make him practice for a long time because his back sweats easily and it getting wet makes his coughing more persistent. He really likes Pop Dance. He was one of the major Pop Dancers when he was in first grade. He already lost his spot in Taekwondo because of his absences. Needless to say, his heart was broken because he was really aiming to join Taekwondo.

What else… oh, Kim Kardashian is now officially Mrs. Kim Humpries! I have yet to see the official wedding video from E! in the coming episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Have you seen the most recent episode though? The Bora-Bora Vacay? There was a scene there where Kim was in tears because she lost her $75,000 earring after getting thrown off in the water like some dog! Well, my only issue is, why would she wear it there? I know Kris Humpries was only being playful when he threw her off like that and she was even enjoying it.  The tears came about when she realized she only had one earring left on! Everyone knows that it is an absolute no-no to wear expensive jewelries when you’re out in the beach. One is bound to get “into the water” no matter what, so the earrings should have just been securely kept!

Anyway, if you’re an avid follower of The Kardashians or Bones for that matter, I found this website that streams the entire Season 6 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. They haven’t posted the Episode 10 yet though (Bora-Bora Vacation Episode). However, you have to be a member to be able to watch the videos. I did sign up just to watch :).