Good Times, Good friends


Today was supposed to be Ken’s first day of school for his 2nd grade but I was informed by Mrs. Malou Palen, one of my good friends from my very brief call center experience at TelePerformance Bacolod, and also a current staff of Madeleine Academy that school won’t start until the 8th of June because of some seminars that the teachers had to take first.

Ken’s school stuffs are almost complete except for the one thing that Lopues’ Department Store ran out of: the long folder with plastic cover! Yeah, that’s the only thing that’s missing from Ken’s requirements. Speaking of Ken however, I’m not sure if it’s just me but I can’t seem to feel that he’s excited to go back to school. He was excited to get enrolled, he was excited for his new books, he was excited for his new badge bearing the grade 2 sign, and most of all, he was very excited for the personalized stickernames that I have asked his tita Hazel-Gulmatico Tupas to make for him, but I’ve never heard him talk about actually and literally ‘going back’ to school. Oh well, I hope it’s just me!

Last month, my best friend Janice Yulo-Lopez came back from her one full-month long vacation from the US to visit tito Berong and tita Glenda, her parents. Her Facebook account shows all of her vacation photos which were all wonderful! She met up with some of my distant relatives in California and our high school friends who have long since migrated there. What ate me the most was the fact that she toured the set of Desperate Housewives!!! I would kill to actually be in Wisteria Lane! Oh wait, there’s another thing that eats me still… she’s pregnant!!! Yeah! When she came over to bring me presents (for me and Ken), she announced that she was already two months pregnant! I was so happy, but was honestly envious! Most of all though, I am thrilled for her.

Some days later, I accidentally bumped unto another good friend from high school, Mae Santoceldes at BDO. She was one of my closest pals in La Consolacion school and her mom was a close friend of my mothers’ as well. I haven’t seen Mae since high school graduation and the next thing I knew, she was already in Canada! One thing I can say about her is that, she’s a very good mother. I knew right from the start what the hell that she’d gone through just to get her kids from her estranged husband who’s now living with his new girlfriend. I’m just sad coz Mae is still single and after talking to her about the possibility of finding a new love with the right guy this time, she kind of expressed a sheer lack of interest. I don’t know if it’s because she’s just so busy with her job or the pain of the past still lingers. I really pray for her. She’s such a good person.

A couple of days earlier, I got a package from another close friend when I was in college, Cham Cruz-Beeson. She’s from UK and has an absolutely cute little boy, TJ, who is very popular with his videos on Facebook. She’s married to Matthew Beeson whom I had the chance to meet in person when they came to Boracay years ago. Cham sent me a lot of Urine Test Strips for ovulation and pregnancy. It’s so nice to know that my friend supports my desire to procreate 🙂 and I know that they are aware that I am obviously having a hard time to conceive one. Thank you so much Chammy!

Isn’t it nice to have more friends and less enemies? Whenever I think about my friends and their authenticity, that’s the only time I feel like I’m rich!


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