Did I just sell my soul to the devil?


The past couple of days haven’ t really been… should I say… something I would consider as “great entries” to blog about. I’ve actually just spent about thirty minutes just biting my nail off, as if every particle that comes off might get me to gather my mind and myself together and start writing, however, it seemed as though my upper back pain was not allowing it to.

Last week, out of sheer frustration to the heat, I went and browsed sites of witchcraft. I was curios if there was some way I can get it to rain. I know you’re all probably laughing but, I really did it. I went to a couple of Wiccan sites that provided various information about spells and the likes. I didn’t believe in it 100% percent. It was simply because the extreme heat always causes me to be nauseated and suffer tremendous headache. There was one site that offered a really simple spell with no extra effort of gathering some materials or props, just look out the sky and say it.

I didn’t even go out, from where I am typing now, I just said the spell out loud. But I wasn’t given a chanceĀ  to finish because Ralph cut me off before I could get to the last stanza. He was so furious because he said that it is something I shouldn’t be messing around with. I didn’t answer. I just shrugged. What was I to do? I needed some rain to feel comfortable! And if mother nature won’t give it to me soon, then I see no reason why I shouldn’t summon it. It was just like a kid repeatedly asking his parents for a toy!

When Ralph got back to his seat and continued working, guess what happened? It rained!!! I felt all may hairs stand up. It was amazing! I didn’t even know if it had anything to do with it because It was not completed, but the rain brought with it cool breeze that really made me think my spell worked! I felt comfortable!

Ralph shot me a dirty look. “Now Dia…” he said, “You just officially sold your soul to the devil“, then went back to his programming. I just made a wry face but savored every cool feeling that was so soothing to the skin. I was like a hungry kid greedily devouring everything that was still there.

Unfortunately, the rain didn’t last too long. It went back to being sunny again but my spirit has somehow cheered up. All I know was that, my plea was at least granted, no matter how brief.

I still don’t know what to make of what really happened then. I don’t know if casting spells are true. I just noticed lately though that I’ve been kind of weak, depressed and…. I don’t know… I guess my period is just coming that’s why I’m feeling all these. I just hope Ralph wasn’t right when he said I just sold my soul to the devil!