Feeling pregnant when I’m REALLY NOT!


This is weird! I feel nauseous for the past couple of days but I never actually vomited! I know for a fact that I am not pregnant because my period came last month and the next one won’t come until the 10th of December. My tummy is bigger in size than normal and I feel bloated almost all the time! The headache comes every after lunch and I always get an uncomfortable feeling at the upper part of my stomach! What could possibly be wrong with me???

Right now as I type this, several waves of nausea have gone and at one point, I actually felt I was going to vomit! When I woke up this morning, I felt too tired to move. I remember going to bed last night feeling an entire body fatigue. I think it’s what got me to doze off. I don’t bother telling Ralph about it anymore because he’s just going to make it look like I’m having my illusion about getting pregnant again, which happened a lot way back when we were starting out. And I always ended up getting disappointed and frustrated because the pregnancy test kit would always yield one line indicating that I really AM NOT pregnant!!!