Have a good journey, Rachelle Marie Colmenares Salvador…


According to ABS-CBNNews,

“MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) – A woman, who is reportedly a cousin of actress Angel Locsin, was allegedly stabbed to death by her own husband in Cebu province.

Police said Rachelle Marie Colmenares Salvador Sansan, 28, was stabbed dead in her residence in Barangay Perrelos, Carcar town.

Investigators said that the victim’s 44-year-old husband, Fernando, is being eyed as the prime suspect in the killing.

Police said that they recovered 2 SIM cards from the victim’s underwear, which could help them resolve the crime.

Talent manager Ethel Ramos told abs-cbnNEWS.com that Locsin has confirmed that the victim was her cousin.

Ramos said that Locsin was trying to contact her relatives in Cebu.

She said Locsin is urging the local authorities not to allow the suspect to slip out of the province”. — Reports from Junrey Nadela, ABS-CBN Cebu and Reyma Buan-Deveza, abs-cbnNEWS.com

Rachelle Marie Colmenares Salvador Sansan, or simply Rachelle, as what most Hinigaranons who know her personally call her, was a vibrant young woman in her twenties who was gifted with a very angelic face and such a natural sense of humor. As I remember her from way back, she just loved asking so many questions; an inquisitive mind.

As I write this brief post about Rachelle, I find myself struggling. No, I’m not at a loss for words, but rather, I can’t seem to gather the bits and pieces of the details about her. We were not very close, but we were good friends! She was one of my beautiful majorettes who fondly referred to me as “Sister” ; I had given everyone the impression that I wanted to be a nun simply because I had a crush on a particular priest that time. And Rachelle was among the many who found the whole craziness to be rather romantic.

My first reaction upon realizing that the girl in the news was someone I and the whole town of Hinigaran may personally have known, was shocked. I know that I have caught a glimpse of the news in one of my Facebook friends’ post a couple of days ago, but I didn’t put my mind on it as I was busy fixing Hinugyaway website. Today however, a good friend, Marilou Moles, has asked me if I will do a post about a certain Rachel Marie. Confused, I safely asked “Darlin forgive me for asking but who’s Rachel Marie“?

It took me about half a day until I actually gathered the whole information from reading several Facebook wall posts. I wasn’t quite sure it was really her at first so I had to verify it through Rosevan Rama-Corrales that the Rachelle Marie in the news was in fact, Rachelle my majorette.

If Rachelle died from an illness, I’m sure most of her friends wouldn’t be too grief-stricken, but the fact that she was allegedly ‘stabbed to death’ as the news put it, and not only that, stabbed to death by her own spouse… it’s atrocious! I can’t think of anything more brutal than that! Actress Angel Locsin was right in demanding full wariness regarding the whereabouts of the suspect.

Wherever you are Rachelle, we will never forget you. You will always be remembered for your kindness, charm and great personality. Rest assured that you will be in our prayers. Have a good journey.