Attn: To the gossiping mothers at school…


It has come to my attention two nights ago that I have been the favorite subject of the rumor-mill happening at the Guard House area of Madeleine Academy. To those who have no clue about the above-mentioned location, it is the place provided by the school for mothers or guardians of Madeleine Academy students since they are not allowed to loiter inside the school premises during class hours. They have their designated seats in the area convenient enough for lounging while they wait for their kids after dismissal. I know about this because a year and a half ago, I too, was among the many who spent many hours sitting in the corner, listening to a wide variety of gossips about people that I know and don’t just to kill time. The gossip was like a hot coffee provided availably by some mothers who seemed to be always on top of the latest buzz in town.

My reason for staying there mainly was because my son was having some sort of separation anxiety at the time. It was his first time to be in a school with so many kids in different age range, unlike the kindergarten school he went to previous to that having only about twenty kids (or sometimes less) his age. He cried all the time, asked me to stay inside the classroom to the point where the principal was understanding enough to provide me with a chair just right outside the grade one room (they had to bend the rule a bit just to give my son the chance to fully adjust which was such a very nice gesture and I will forever be grateful for that). However, as time passed by, it was becoming obvious that Ken was not fully ready to attend that school-year with that psychological hindrance. The principal even suggested to give him more play time. Moreover, he had numerous absences later due to his grandfather’s hospitalization. It was impossible for him to continue that I later decided to pull him out.

Now, Ken is back in grade one under Ms. Neli Sarah. The first week he was back, he still gave me a hard time about leaving him there. However, things have changed since the past year. I am now married, giving Ken a father in the process. Dealing with his difficulties with self-independence now is way different than the past year because I’m no longer alone. Ralph come from a culture completely different from ours. In the US, kids are already left in their own room even at birth. He was completely shocked upon knowing about how I dealt with Ken’s schooling before (that is, my having to stay at school) and seeing how many mothers just spend their time doing nothing at the guard house when there’s so many more productive things to do at home during class hours. And he handled Ken very well. Now my son is acting perfectly normal when it comes to school to the point where he sometimes doesn’t want me to go there anymore lol.

Teaching kids to be independent at such a very young age prepares them for the battle in the real world which starts when the kids hit puberty. Meaning, if we let our kids be, we’re actually doing them a favor. And if they feel that you’re just there all the time, they’re gonna bring that feeling of dependency all throughout. Of course, we mothers, are not gonna be around for long. What happens if they rely so much on you and you’re not there anymore? We don’t really want that to happen.

Now, I only go to school during Parent-Teacher meetings or when I have to pay the school tuition. Whenever I go there, I am always greeted by many faces. But what I was naive enough to overlook was the fact that I can also be their feast among many others. When I went to visit a good friend two nights ago, she informed me that she no longer leaves school after dropping her kid because of time constraint and financial issues like the total cost of  fare back and forth. She had to stay at school and wait everyday. Because of her daily presence, some gossiping mothers who have nothing to do for killing time, tend to casually provide her with information about different people. They way she described the experience, It was apparently like some sort of a cult where you need to be in the know all the time. They would tell her who the person they’re talking about is and when she doesn’t know, they would keep describing more details just so she would end up having something to say about the person they’re grilling! How screwed up is that? They behave contrary  to what the school teach! And that is very pathetic.

There’s no need to say what the gossip is about me because it doesn’t really matter anymore. Seriously, what do you get from backstabbing people? I was hardly around to participate, therefore there’s no room for any possibility that I could have done something that may have offended any one of them there. I live my life away from these self-righteous bunch of ingrates but leaving me alone seem to be somewhat difficult for them to do.

Does gossiping about me make you feel better just because I have a wonderful husband and you don’t? LOL. Does gossiping about me make you feel way way superior just because I get to stay at home and often have great sex while you’re all left to watch all the happenings at the guard house which, I’m pretty sure, are as interesting as the Civics and Culture subject that’s being taught at school.  Opppsss…..Sex. When was the last time you had one by the way… I mean really?

Think about it….


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