Hoping against hope…


Come 26th of October, Ralph and I will celebrate our 11th month of being married. I can still remember the time when we were very worried about the idea of me getting pregnant so soon after the wedding ‘coz of Ralph’s major transition into the country at the time. However, things have gone really well in most part between us that we have started to wish that I get pregnant already. The thing is, God doesn’t seem to want to give it to us yet because today, I have my period again (darn).

I really want to give Ken a little sister already. And I personally feel that I’m chasing the last ride to being at a state where pregnancy is still safe. I am now 31 and turning 32 in a couple of months now. I guess you can say I just worry so much.When I gave birth to Ken, (I was 23 then) it was the easiest delivery that I can ever imagine. I felt like I just went to poo, really. And I wonder if in my next delivery, would it again be as easy as the first one?

But first thing first… I have to get pregnant!


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