Been busy…. that’s all


I’m sorry I have been away for a little while. There’s been tons of things to do lately like Ken’s intramural where everything needed to be prepared for, I had to see that his ‘Barong’ from his kindergarten graduation still fits him because they were required to sport something very Filipino for the culmination of their Linggo ng Wika activity.

Fortunately for me, Ken lost weight lately and knowing how big he was back two years ago, I wasn’t surprised at all that the Barong fit him just perfectly! However, I am not thrilled with his weight loss despite the doctor’s advice of getting him to shed some pounds off and target the weight aimed for his age. I just don’t like seeing him thin. I guess it has something to do with my wanting to maintain the ‘baby’-ness in him. Boy has he grown so fast!

The day after their Linggo ng Wika was their Intramural. I had to use the ‘Buri’ hat which Mayor Aguilar had given Ralph during the election campaign as it was a bit late for us to find one for Ken. Luckily, we were required to style the hat with colors Red, Yellow and Green. The captioned that once said “Kay Mayor Aguilar Pa Rin” was now fully covered with art papers :).

We are now preparing for the 3rd of September as Ken has to face his shyness; he is one of the Pop dancers of his class and that’s when they have to compete. I already have his dance costume with me and everything’s all set. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that Ken won’t be too embarrassed having to do those dance moves that I’ve been watching during their practice. He does love being one of the dancers. He just has not ever been onstage doing something!

Enough about Ken though, the other extra-curricular activities that I have been too engrossed with was designing our new social networking site for the programmers and we call it Pinoy Coders. This site is exclusively for the Filipino web developers and programmers. As I speak, we already garnered around nine members excluding me and Ralph. It was Ralph who did some of the site’s programming (obviously! I don’t know any PHP language!) while I take credit for beautifying it! I actually felt guilty because I have been away for so long and was not able to blog anything!

I am also working on my own social networking site that I intend to use for the people of Hinigaran. It’s kind of like the Dailybooth where they microblog through photos. It’s so hard to stay ‘alive’ in Dailybooth where popularity is concerned because there are a couple of celebrities there who are so active! Their boothes are mostly the ones getting commented on and what can an ordinary person’s photo do? I know it’s not a competition, but I sometimes find it hard to even get a follower! I only have Hazel and a few others following me and that took a lot of convincing from my end lol. I had to like “Hazel!!! Follow me at Dailybooth! and I had to remind her constantly until she got her own account and actually followed me!

I still have no idea how to go about it though. First, I’m not a programmer so any modifications that I have to do, I always have to google it. I can’t ask Ralph because he’s already busy with his work. I’m on my own here 🙁 . Any suggestions, I would truly appreciate it. What I really need and I mean desperately need is to have a plugin for wordpress that would work like dailybooth…. the photo reply feature! I have searched around the net and all I got were suggestions of using a forum. Even Tumblr which now tries to compete with Dailybooth still uses Disqus for their commenting program.