Two Weddings and the Rainy Season


I have been out on most of the social media loop lately: Twitter, Facebook, Posterous and even on my favorite Dailybooth! It all started when I just instantly decided that I should make a complete overhaul of my wordpress-powered blog in terms of its design and layout.

The experience was mostly excruciatingly frustrating as I had to open multiple programs at a time: Blade FTP, PSPad, Adobe Photoshop and whenever necessary, I pull up LogoMaker. Ralph constantly asked me what it was I’m up to as I never even stood up to do anything other than sit and just work on my laptop. The only distraction was when Ken had to throw fits just to play his Plants vs. Zombie. Oh, of course when my husband would start flirting with me leading to his locking the door afterwards lol.

A lot has happened… Ken and Sofiya’s little romance became rocky that led to their ‘break-up’, something that I was very relieved about because that put an end to the constant pep talks between Ralph and the seven-year old Casanova! Ken had a minor accident at school, that is, he tripped in front of his friends, and this little girlfriend, instead of helping him, just laughed along with the other kids. Naturally, my little Casanova was furious and decided they call it quits! However, just today at lunch, he happily informed me that they got back together! (Groan!).

Anyway, this has been a month for weddings! Three of my good friends from Boracay: couple Noi Morales and Ronald Gutierrez and my best friend, Kim Agner and boyfriend Emerson Tila from the US all got married! Noi, Ronald and Kim have been the people whom I’ve been very closed to while I was working for Mandala Spa and Villas. Ron and Noi had been together for ages and I guess they decided to make it forever and seal it through the sacrament of Matrimony. Good for them! They deserve to be happy because they’re really nice people. Kim and Emer, on the other hand, exemplifies ‘Love bound by Fate’. Kim has once thought that she has met the man she’s going to spend the rest of her life with, but fate rather had better plans for her… and shall I say, fate had more “handsome” plans for her coz not only had she found someone as patient as Emer, she has also found the perfect match for her outgoing personality– and a moreĀ  handsome match compared to the previous one!

The best of all that has happened is, it’s been raining daily!!! Woohoo! I’ve never been so relaxed just lying in our bed cuddling with my hubby while the rain pours! The feeling of cool air touching our skins feel oh so heavenly! I wish it would rain everyday until the summer season!