Yummy pizzas by Yum Yum Pizza


By frequently going to Mila’s restaurant, we can’t help but notice the small booth facing right across it.There’s a sign saying Yum Yum Pizza. The booth is not even bigger than the Keru Burger stalls but for a pizza parlor, it does say a lot. I’m not really a pizza lover although I do eat it occasionally. It was actually Ralph’s ‘hunger pains’ which got both our feet right to the parlor’s direction.

The first time we went there, we were attended to by a cute girl whose name I was not able to get. She was very friendly, which made me and Ralph feel at home. We ended up ordering one whole box of Hawaiian and another box of Ham and Cheese pizza’s.

To all Hinigaranons, Yum Yum pizza didn’t pay me to say this or promote their business, but they do have really good pizzas to offer. I don’t eat vegetables so I can’t really promote the vegetable ones. So far, Ham and Cheese and Hawaiian were so yummy that we made it a habit of ordering once in a while, especially at times when I don’t feel like cooking at all.

Yum Yum Pizza is located right across Mila’s restaurant. It may be a small store but they sure can compete with other big establishments that sell pizza in town. Give it a try!