The Negros Grace Pharmacy in Hinigaran


I was updating our Quickbooks (an accounting application we use to keep track our income and expenses) recently and I realized that we have been regularly visiting Grace pharmacy located at Lopues, Hinigaran branch.  A couple of weeks ago, I got sick which was followed soon after by Ralph whose asthma got triggered. Recently, Ken has been seen by Dr. Vivienne Jimenez twice and each time we see our designated physician, we automatically proceed straight to Grace pharmacy to purchase the prescriptions if they’re not available at the doctor’s clinic.

There are advantages when you choose to go to Grace because not only are they usually complete in terms of the medicine’s availability, but they’re pretty much well-known all over the province.  However, it also has its downsides. The first few times I was made to purchase my father’s maintenance prescriptions, I ended up standing in one corner for God knows how long before a pharmacist knew of my existence. When my prescriptions were attended to, I thought, “Thank God!” But something more frustrating incidents followed.

It turned out that before your stuffs can reach you, it will undergo a series of procedures which are handled by three or more people in one table. I don’t know, but when I was scrutinizing they way they were doing it, it looked to me as if one pharmacist would check the quantity, another would check the prices, another would put it in the plastic, another would go over the senior citizen card and another would work on the cash register. Am I correct or was it only my imagination?

There was even this one time when a mother was getting so impatient because she’s been standing with me for what seemed like an eternity. The pharmacists just kept passing us by and when you do call their attention, they would just nod and say “one moment” but I guess their definition of one moment means “give me thirty minutes.” The mother didn’t even wait to be attended to, she just asked out loud if the Grace pharmacy in Bacolod was still open (that time it was Good Friday and all establishments closed after lunch). When the cashier informed her that it was still open, she hurriedly get inside her car and away she went.

Wow! That mother had to travel 54 km away from where she was in order to be attended to right away. Isn’t it a lil bit ironic? Well, thanks a lot Grace pharmacy! I sure hope that nothing bad happened on that mom’s way to the city just to get her medicines. Or else….

Anyway, I am not posting this for the intention of bad-mouthing Grace Pharmacy. Why else did I even go there just today? I am writing this to instill in my readers’ minds the most important thing to do when you’re there, and that is, to be loud and act as if you’re capable of killing someone if you’re not heard. Yes, you read it right. Frequent trips to that pharmacy has somehow taught me to be mean (although my husband said it’s always been my natural tendency). Whenever I’m there, I utilise my modulated voice to call a pharmacist’s attention even though he or she is still in the middle of something and loudly say what I want to buy. If no one answers, I would go “Goodness! I’m sure even Bacolod Grace pharmacy can hear me!”

Needless to say, the longest time I’ve been standing there lately is ten minutes! Try it! You got nothing to lose!


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