A very stressful week for a very stressed-out wife and mom


OH-K! I’m back to the blogging world Seems to me like I’ve been away too long because of the incompetence of my internet and power provider! Thanks a lot Innove Communications/ Globelines and NOCECO. We were experiencing intermittent internet connection two nights ago. Yesterday the whole day, internet was completely down and Ralph had to work offline and just manually log his Odesk hours through Ferd’s (my cousin and neighbor as well) Wimax connection. Today, not only was there no internet; there wasn’t electricity as well! Grrrrr!!!!!

Anyway, this has been the most stressful week for me ever!!!  Ralph and I had some fight over the planned renovation for our “small space” in the house. The renovation was something that we both have discussed and mutually agreed on and something that I have really been looking forward to when Ralph just suddenly decided he won’t go through with it at all. Crushed to pieces, I tried to appear ok but I guess my mood gave it all away. It’s so hard when you’re not working, when you just depend on someone else’s promises; if those promises aren’t kept, your enthusiasm is excruciatingly dampened and you can’t do anything about it but just accept things as they are. Swallowing everything against my will, I have come to terms with the reality that unless I won the lottery, there really is nothing that I can do but wait and extend my patience. Sad but that’s married life I guess. So to those who have shared the excitement with me regarding the renovation, sorry guys but it’s not happening anymore. Maybe in my next life, I, myself,  will fulfill that “small dreams” of mine, who knows?

As with Ken, you’ll be surprised that as cheapskate as he is (he hardly spends his saved money for anything other than video games), he managed to buy a 20-peso ring (yeah, 20 pesos only) for Sophia!!! He only informed me of that after his breakfast last Monday, minutes before he head out for school. Shocked, I asked him a million questions about it. I even had to wake Ralph up just to ask if he thinks it was ok to give Sophia a ring so soon!

Surprisingly, Ralph said it was ok. I actually thought he would object to it because last Sunday mass, Ken was looking for Sophia and Ralph advised him not to be too obvious about it and just play it cool, meaning act uninterested. Giving the ring, however, would seem the opposite of his very definition of playing it cool! There were a lot of arguments before we let Ken take off. Fortunately, I was able to give the last words: “Tell Sophia it’s only a friendly ring”!

We always go back to sleep after Ken leaves for school but that day, Ralph and I stayed awake in bed, just thinking if Ken would actually muster some guts to give the ring to his crush given the way he froze in the stairs when Sophia came by the house one time. Ralph believed Ken was only “all-talk”.

He was wrong though. Ken arrived at lunch time informing me that he did try giving Sophia the ring but Sophia gave it back to him. I made sure to ask all the necessary questions about the whole thing. This is what I gathered: Ken left the ring on Sophia’s desk. Sophia saw him putting something, came over and took the ring and kind of semi-throw it at Ken. The good thing is that, Ken was able to tell her it was only a friendly ring.

As I write this post, Ken lost the ring already. He said he was playing with it the other day and he can no longer remember where he left it.