A mother’s protective instinct


Ever since Ken got his own little romance, there was never a day that I have not heard of the name Sophia being mentioned. Initially, I found it cute and amusing, most especially the way Ralph supports the whole tandem. However, Ken told me something last night which troubled my mother’s heart.

I was lying in bed while I let Ken play his Plants vs. Zombie game, a nightly schedule he is allowed to do after completing his homework. Then all of a sudden, he said “Mama, Manang Cincin’s friend told me that Sophia’s crush is Brandy” (Cincin is Hyacinth. She’s Ken’s cousin and the older sister of Brandy). I thought I heard him wrong so it took me a minute to respond. “Huh? Brandy? Not you?” I asked. Ken shook his head, pretending not to be affected although I felt the sadness in him. I sat up straight and steered him away from the game. “How could that be possible when it was Sophia who first gave you the note that said I love you?” I asked, not willing to let the topic go. Instead of looking at me, Ken just diverted his gaze back to the computer screen and just shrugged. “That’s what the girl said.”

The girl. Whoever that girl is will have to answer to me! No one has the right to hurt my son emotionally like this, not at such an early age! I am not really sure what happened but the way I make sense of everything is this, Ken has obviously become popular for the drawing he gave to Sophia. Because Ken and Brandy and Cincin all go to school together, one of Cincin’s friends just teased him about it, using Brandy who’s about Ken’s age, just to dent Ken’s amateur ego.

If my hunch is true, I will hunt down Madeleine Academy and will have a long word with that girl just to give her a piece of my beautiful mind. Now, if this Sophia really does like Brandy, then I guess I’ll just accept the fact that my son has just received his first taste of a broken heart.

Ouch! That hurts! I can’t believe that I’m the one who’s majorly affected! No mother would want her son’s heart to be bruised, minor or otherwise!

Despite the confirmation of the actual incident, I advised Ken to just forget about Sophia altogether, and just concentrate on his homework and quizzes. Ken agreed easily, too young to even understand the impact of what I was saying. Unfortunately, my loud voice didn’t escape Ralph’s curious hearing. “Dia!” is what I heard from him soon after Ken agreed to drop the supposedly blossoming romance. “Ken will not be like you; afraid of relationship, always being on guard, and staying too protected not to get hurt!

I rolled my eyes and told Ralph I can’t bear to see Ken disappointed or hurt and that I might end up burning a lot of girls’ hairs on fire one day just because they hurt him. The thought of setting whoever that girl’s hair on fire is actually tempting! A nice thought, really. I’ll think about it. “Let your son live his own life,” Ralph continued his sermon. “He will have a lot of broken hearts, but he must know how to deal with it on his own because not forever you’ll be there for him.”

I stared at Ralph who, then, was starting to look like a shrink to me! “Oh come on!” I resisted. “From now on, I will not be hearing anything about this Sophia! Period!” I said in an attempt to rest my case. However, Ralph continued to talk with his usual psychobubble lines. I made a great deal of effort to let all his words sink in to one ear and out the other. I guess I succeeded because I couldn’t remember what the rest of his sermons were.

Today at lunch though, Ken happily informed me that Sophia hugged him at school! I just smiled while I watched him relay the message to Ralph who was working on his own table. After hearing what Ken’s news was, Ralph looked at me and kind of sent a silent message through the eye that said: “Don’t rain on his parade!”

Oh well, I just said, “See? She still likes you!” and didn’t remind him of the bad incident previously. Ken continued filling me in on what else had happened to him at school. Ralph was enjoying every bits of it obviously.

Can you blame me? I am just a mother who’s willing to bend over backwards just to protect my son from the harshness of the world, particularly of the relationship arena which I used to suck at. If you’re a mother, I’m sure you would understand what I feel. There’s nothing more painful that looking at your son trying to hold his sadness because he doesn’t want you to see him embarrassed or hurt. The thing is, he doesn’t have to hide it because as a mother, you feel it right away.

Haaaayyyyyyyyy….. so so complicated!


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