Ken’s First Romance


My 7-year old son Ken Matthew currently has his eyes set on someone! Yeah, you read it right. It happened when one of the girls from his class sent him a note one day that said “I love you“. However, he told us that he ‘shoved’ the note back to that girl making Ralph think that the poor lil girl must have been offended and suffering from a broken heart as well as from a dented ego.

That was when I started seeing that my husband has been keeping a bunch of romantic bones inside his body. He kind of made it his mission to meddle in Ken’s love life and make amends to the lil girl whose heart he obviously broke at such an early start (can’t help but smile when I read what I say here lol).

Even in the middle of his work, Ralph would stop and brainstorm to come up with ideas on how Ken would do something nice and romantic in return for the lil girl’s audacity of handing Ken such note. Then one night, Ralph just grabbed a pen and paper and drew Spiderman which he traced from Ken’s bag. He told me that he sucked at drawing but it actually turned out to be really good, that is, good for someone at Ken’s age. He then made Ken color the drawing so it has Ken’s personal touch as well. Ken was actually very interested in the activity. At first, we thought Ken was only willing to color it because he likes coloring. But when Ralph asked him if he also likes Safiya, the name of his classmate, he immediately said ‘yes’. I shrieked. That was the first time my son actually admitted to liking anyone! So it was all starting to feel different! Gosh!

Safiya is a very cute Korean girl. Ken actually went to school with her during preparatory days but she was in the morning session where Ken was in the afternoon. As far as I know, Safiya is the niece of Joseph, the one that drives Ken and Safiya to school everyday. Yes, they get to be together practically almost all the time!

Anyway, Ralph told Ken that he was going to give the drawing to Safiya on Sunday because they all have to attend the mass. Ken was resistant but still tucked the drawing inside my purse. Unfortunately that Sunday, Safiya came in late and we didn’t get the chance to hand her the drawing.

Monday came and Ken had to be absent from school because of a respiratory tract infection. We sent him to the doctor and made him rest for the whole day. Joseph, the driver, didn’t know that he was going to be absent and still came to pick him up. Ralph and I then told him to come back at lunch time before going to school with Safiya because Ken has to hand something to her. I saw the curiosity in Joseph’s face while I told him that :).

So lunch time came, and when Joseph yelled that Safiya’s downstairs, I saw Ken froze in action. Ralph practically had to push him to move. He did try to make an effort to go down the stairs but still stopped in the middle and decided he couldn’t face Safiya at all. So I just decided to get the drawing from him and give it to Safiya who was shyly waiting for Ken. She said her sweet ‘Thank you‘ and left. I saw my father all giggly while watching what was going on. He was probably reminiscing his own first silly romance which blossomed five decades ago! lol.

Ralph and I were anxious about the whole thing. He would just suddenly say “Hmmnn, I wonder if Ken’s getting picked on right this very minute,” and even if I didn’t say anything, he knows my mind was on Kens’ as well. The minute lunch time arrived and we heard Ken’s footsteps coming, we were very prepared to listen to him, be it good or bad.

Ken casually said that Safiya told him she kept the drawing at her grandma’s house. His eyes grew big when he said that one of the other girls at his class actually asked him if she can have his drawing for Safiya but he said it was for Safiya 🙂 Ken was all smiles while he was narrating what had happened and that they actually played together.

Now Ken’s starting to become famous! Some  mothers were asking about the real story between him and Safiya.


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