Ventolin Inhaler: Ralph’s Companion for Life


A couple of nights ago, I took Ralph to the local emergency clinic because of a persistent chest tightness. My husband is asthmatic and does not take maintenance prescription medicine. He only has his Ventolin Inhaler with him in case he experiences disturbing breathing problems. Normally, when he has problem breathing, two puffs of Ventolin Inhaler would just do the trick but two nights ago, it didn’t relieve the symptom. When he came up to me and said “Honey, I think I’m in trouble,” we immediately sought medical attention.

Dr. Duran was the physician available. We actually wanted to reach Dr. Jimenez but the clinic at Garrison is already closed. The clinic administered Oxygen initially and the doctor prescribed him Ventolin tablet and Zyrtec. Ralph was very keen about the medicine because he was advised by his previous physician from the US NOT to take anything that contains steroid in it as it would aggravate his already tight lungs.

He didn’t respond well to the medicine. When he was administered a nebulizer, that’s when he felt calm. I was nervous the entire time because it was already night time and I couldn’t imagine going through all the trouble of traveling to Bacolod just for it.  Good thing we didn’t have to. Thank God for the nebulizer!


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